45 Second Block Time

PoS is 18% APR
Interest starts after 8 Hours
Interest stops after 30 Days

Cryptonator Report


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Hey! Welcome to our second official announcement!! Thank you for your continued support of TRUSTplus! It’s been great reflecting on the last couple of weeks and seeing that we have so many supporters interested in the success of this coin! Oh, and once again, thank you for your patience! A few things first. I am…

PoD 5 of 5

We have just learned CrytoAsian has completed PoD analysis.  He has given us a 5 of 5.

TRUSTplus 100k Grand Prize GIVEAWAY with substantial Bounties TRUSTplus Give-A-Way and Bounties Post your TRUST Address “Taddy” FIRST!!! Then go back and edit to tell us what you did.  We will reply to it with our total and a TXid.   <Translations Needed – 100 TRUST for each language>     Everyone’s Wallet address is entered to win 100,000 TRUST.  Make sure…